Rear Tugger™ Style 1 (Bolt-On) DISCONTINUED

Rear Tugger™ Style 1 (Bolt-On) DISCONTINUED

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This is the model that started it all! Fits most dirt bikes. Easy to install, lightweight, tough, and convenient. After riding with the Tugger™, you'll never want to ride without one again.

BEFORE ORDERING: Review the application chart (Excel spreadsheet) and the list below. If you don't see your model on this or any other Tugger page, email us! We probably have a Tugger for your bike, we just haven't looked at all bikes yet!

Style 1 will fit nearly any motorcycle that uses two bolts to attach the seat to the subframe (17" max length between the bolts—if longer, we can get you a special one made at no extra charge). In addition, newer KTM models with bolts under the rear fender that thread vertically into the subframe, XR80's, and many other motorcycles have attachment points that work well with the Tugger™. E-mail us your application and we'll see what we can do!

XR70, XR80, CR80R, CR85R, XR100, CR125R, CRF150R, XR250, CRF250X, CRF250R, CR250R, XR400R, CRF450R, CRF450X, CR500, XR650R, XR650L

(But NOT CR50F, CR70F, CR80F, CR100F, CR150F, or CR230F - they take Style 3!)


CR125, TC250, TE250, TE450, TC450/510

KX65, KX85, KX100, KX125F, KDX200, KDX220, KX250, KX250F, KLR250, KLX300, KX500

(But NOT KLX125 - we don't have a Tugger for that model yet!)

Most KTMs including the new '08 style use the Style 1. 200EXC, 250EXC, 250EXC RFS, 300EXC, 380EXC, 400EXC RFS, 450EXC RFS, 520EXC RFS, 525EXC RFS and all MXC and XC and XC-W models that have threaded holes in the underside of the rear subframe stubs (including the 250XCF and the 250 and 450 SXF!) However, the following models do NOT use the Style 1:

KTM 50 (Style 4) KTM 65 (Style 4) '02-'07 85SX (Style 3) '06-07 105SX (Style 3)

'04-'06 125SX (Style 3) '04-'05 200SX (Style 3) '04-'06 250SX (Style 3) '06 250SXF (Style 3)

'03-'06 450SX (Style 3) '06 525SX (Style 3) '06 560 SMR (Style 3)

RM65, RM80, DRZ110, RM125, RM250, RMZ250, DRZ400S, DRZ400E

(But NOT DRZ125 or DRZ125L - we don't have Tuggers for those models yet!)

YZ85, TTR125, TTR125L, YZ125, TTR225, XT225, WR250F, YZ250, YZ250F, YZ400F, YZ426F, WR426F, YZ450F, WR450F, IT490, WR500

(But NOT TTR50 or the TTR250 - they take the Style 4, although the TTR250 is special length)



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